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Customer Reviews

"East Tennessee Pools has been the best pool service we have used in our many years in the East Tennessee area. Last spring we were unable to use our pool until late June. The pool company we had used previously had allowed our in-ground pool to become a mess with negligent service and inadequate cleaning. Thanks to East TN Pools, we were in our pool by July 4, and had a clean, enjoyable pool for the remainder of the season. Their service is prompt, efficient and reasonably priced. Most of all we have found your staff to be pleasant, dependable people. We are proud to recommend East TN Pools to our neighbors and friends."
N. Harr

"I am writing this on behalf of Lee Shelton. I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on several projects for the last 8 years. The most recent was framing of an eight thousand sq ft house and a commercial office building roof renovation.

During these projects I have found him to be extremely easy to work with. His work ethic and coordination of the project is excellent. Lee always strives to build a quality project.

Based on my experience I would highly recommend Lee Shelton to build any project."
J. Idell

"This letter is to acknowledge the quality and service received from East TN Builders & Pools and Lee Shelton. I have worked with Lee on several occasions since 2003. Lee was General Contractor on the complete renovation of our late 1800's home. This was an undertaking having to match new and old and keep the charm of the original structure. Lee did an excellent job both with quality workmanship and also ideas and advice on this project.

Most recently I have worked with them on maintaining our family pool. They are very dependable and punctual. Moreover, they are very willing to assist in any problem that may occur. I would highly recommend East TN Builders & Pools for any construction project, remodel or pool installation."
J. Ottinger

"This past summer, my husband and I contracted with Lee Shelton of East TN Pools to construct for us a pool in our backyard. We had met previously with two other contractors before meeting Lee. After meeting Lee, we didn't feel the need to talk with anyone else or consider the other two quotes.

They came to our home, met with us for a lengthy amount of time, went over several different options with us. Ultimately what impressed us was their willingness to give us the pool that we wanted and keep it within our budget WITHOUT making us feel that we were short changing ourselves. They provided us with a quote that not only was within our budget, but was exactly the pool & decking area that we have always wanted. We now have the backyard area that we will enjon for years to come and it was basically stress free. They always left the backyard neat at the end of their workday and they didnt leave a mess when they completed the job.

The customer service after installation was also wonderful. Twice I had to call because I couldnt figure out how to work the vacuum cleaner. Lee (very patiently on a Sunday afternoon) talked me through it over the phone and was willing to come to our house to show me how to use it.

We have been extremely satisfied with our experience with East TN Pools and have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who is in the market for any service they provide."
J. Doty

"I have worked with Lee Shelton, the owner of East TN Builders & Pools for over 7 years now. For me personally he has built over one Million dollars worth of Real Estate on three different large undertakings. Mr Shelton is in great demand as a Contractor in Greeneville. Many of the most prestigious homes and Comercial buildings in town have been sub-contracted to him by other large Commercial Contractors.

I can say without any reservations that the quality of his work is unequaled in this area. This is why in this trying economic climate Mr. Shelton has remained steadily employed and keeps a full crew in work. His word and handshake is worth more then many so-called Contractors.

His ability to work with any personality and regulatory body is very helpful. On our last large under-taking we dealth with a very contentous Home-owners Association. Despite working under a micro-scope and endless intrusions, he finished the project in record time. We received accolades from the HOA for no intrusion on surrounding lots and work-site cleanliness.

I have never found a reason to question the quality of his work and I am very active in my projects. This year after Hurricane force winds a piece of Metal trim was blown off my home. I called Lee to get a name of a repair person. He showed up several hours later with his crew and a trailer loaded with the tallest ladders I have ever seen. Not only did he replace the piece blown off, but proceeded to check my entire house from Shingles to siding for other damage. The cost of this, even after four years of living there? Just a smile and a handshake, he left telling me to call if I had any other problems.

Anyone questioning his abilities or character would incur frank disbelief on my part. I invite you to see the quality of the Construction on any of my properties at any time without notice."
S. Vining
Major, USAF, Retired

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